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The inauguration of the 2023/ 2024 Academic session was held on Monday 11th September 2023 at the Lanteri school hall Lugbe Abuja. The students were checked in at the gate accordingly to ensure they had in their possessions all the essentials that would enable effective learning as well as to make sure they were properly dressed in their beautiful uniforms. It was evident from the facial expressions and bodily gestures of not less than a hundred pupils seated before the commencement of the inaugural Mass that they were overwhelmed and excited returning back to the conducive learning atmosphere of the school. One could see the readiness from the teachers and how prepared the pupils were for the session. The opening Mass began at about 8am Africa Time with the presence of the priests, parents, staff and pupils of the the school. The First reading and responsorial Psalm were taken by two pupils from the school, primary three and four respectively.

The chief celebrant Rev. Fr Jeremiah C. Irabor OMV during his homily, spoke diligently to the pupils and admonished them to be hardworking and dedicated to learning. He went further to emphasize on the uniqueness of the school being a Catholic school with a difference to the pupils, thus they must endeavor to be morally upright, obedient to their parents, dedicated to their studies and must live examplary lives for other students to emulate. To buttress these points, he thought them a short poem.

Furthermore, he encouraged the teachers and appreciated them for their hard work and the impact they have been making in the lives of the pupils. He reminded them that, they are collaborators with the Holy Spirit who is the great teacher. To this effect, they should endeavor to remain good and disciplined teachers who are interested in the welfare of their pupils and dedicated to their duties especially making the pupils not only intellectually sound but also morally upright as they are the future of the society at large. He went further to emphasize that no amount of money could equal the sacrifices they are making for the pupils and the society, thus, they should see this as a vocation and should cherish and remain faithful to it through the help of God. He also encourage the parents present to motivate their ward in every positive way that they can and must not get tired in making efforts towards giving them a better life and a brighter future. With this he concluded his homily. 

Before the end of the Mass, Rev. Fr Jeremiah C. Irabor OMV in company with the Director of the school Rev. Fr, Emmanuel T. Gusha OMV prayed for the spirit of excellence upon the pupils and invoked the power of the Holy Spirit to guide, direct and protect the pupils from every harm. They also prayed for the teachers and parents.

 The school Director Rev. Fr Emmanuel T. Gusha OMV officially welcomed the entire pupils and staff back to school and encourage all to be up and doing to make this academic year more prosperous in all ramifications than the former. The Head teacher on behalf of the students and staff of Lanteri Marian Academy, appreciated the priests and all present and also welcomed the students and staff back to school and assured them of a more tremendous growth this year.

The inaugural Mass came to it closure with the final blessings from the Chief celebrant Rev. Fr. Jeremiah C. Irabor OMV.

Br Boniface Orseer, OMV 


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