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Listening to the Word of God brings us to a free and personal encounter with God. This personal encounter becomes, then, the key for many aspects of our religious life: formation, liturgy, vocational promotion, catechesis and preaching. Thus, we must not be afraid  to spend much time in silence and humility in order to enter into prayer with full availability and to be nourished and transformed by the  Word, bringing forth the value of being “Carthusians” for the world of today. Time spent with the Lord in the gratuitousness of relationship is not lost time. Our personal spiritual growth, our capacity to listen in community life, our apostolic zeal and the efficacy of our mission depend upon the truth and profundity of such an encounter with the Word of God.” (XXV General Chapter, 2009)

Father Lanteri (1759-1830) lived in northern Italy in a time of great moral confusion and spiritual discouragement. He had seen the great harm in the  areas of faith and morals that the “past revolutions” caused in the  people.  In our own time, there are also periods of “storms and tempests”, “dangers, anguish and doubts” (St.Bernard), in short, times of crisis but also opportunities. Lanteri  formed the Oblates to be both contemplatives and apostles, men of study, prayer, and compassionate pastors. Today, serving in nine countries around the world, the Oblates bring hope for a new beginning, a new commitment not only in Africa. This hope springs from six key attributes essential to Oblate spirituality and mission: Truth, Mercy, Mary, Fidelity, Discernment, and Zeal for souls in today’s world.

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