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O the 12 of April, 2024 witnessed another milestone in the history of formation in Nigeria which six of the seminarians (Lawrence Obih OMV, David Oko OMV, Felix Adekoya OMV, Francis Omeka OMV, Francis Okwara OMV, and Gabriel Ujah OMV) in formation were installed as lectors by the Delegate, Very Rev. Fr Cyril Oddy, OMV. 

 a solemn ceremony filled with reverence and joy, six of our brothers were elevated to the Ministry of Lectors, it is a significant step in the journey of those called to serve through the proclamation of the Word. 

The event was took place at Holy Mass presided over by the Delegate in the temporary Lanteri Oblate Seminary Chapel at Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Bearing in mind that, the Ministry of Lector holds a special place in the life of the Church, as it entrusts individuals with the responsibility of proclaiming the Word of God during liturgical celebrations. The Delegate, Fr Odey, during the homily, highlighted that the ministry is not just merely about reading words from a page or pages of the scriptures but proclaiming and bringing the Scriptures to life, infusing them with meaning and relevance for the faithful gathered to worship. Speaking further, Fr Odey encouraged them to dedicate their time to deepening their understanding of the Scriptures and be committed to sharing the richness of God’s Word with humility, reverence, and a fervent desire to inspire others through the power of the Scriptures. 

Those present at the ceremony were Frs Cyril Odey, OMV, Cosmas Amede, OMV, Gabriel Adanu, OMV and the seminarians in formation. 

John Hernández NWEKE


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